Leading Meaningful Life

An e-Forum Of Students & Alumni of IIEST Shibpur
Aim of our Forum

Help the Youth Give up Self Destructive Habits and Inspire a Life of High Values and to Eventually Create Principle Centric Leaders for Our Nation and World at large, through Blending of Character and Competence.


1.Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude & Behavioral Development
Exclusively For the Students of IIEST Shibpur

Live Event at I-Hall, IIEST Shibpur(Campus)

Speaker: Mr. Avelo Roy

Date & Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, 11th January, 2024 (Thursday)

Entry Pass: Will be provided to those who will be qualified

through PQ Interaction test

Inaugration by Prof Dr. Parthasarathi Chakrabarti, Director, 

IIEST Shibpur

Registration procedure: 

To register for this Seminar, please appear in the  Personality Quotient (PQ) interaction test. Please click the button below. It will take only 10 minutes. This seminar has zero registration charges! Hurry up… seats are really limited.



Mr. Avelo Roy

Managing Director & Startup Mentor at Kolkata Ventures, 4 Times TEDx, Guest lecturer at 6 IITs, 3 IIMs & 2 US Universities.

An Indian entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, blogger and a spiritual seeker. He has been featured on CNN Money, Huffington Post, ABC7, Chicago Tribune and many other mainstream media for his accomplishments. He has been a brilliant student at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and also filed for his first patent while he was still in USA while in college.

2.Discover Yourself e-Workshop
Exclusively For the First Year Students of IIEST Shibpur

Online Sessions by Alumni & Final Year Students of IIEST

  • A certified, 6 session’s induction program for the first year students.
  • Facilitated by the seniors of our college.
  • Discover the answers of most frequently un-answered questions, from your within.
  • Duration : 1 month including assessments, 2 sessions per week.


About Us

Growth of a society is completely dependent on its youths. Youths are the vital force to bring a positive change in any community, society or country at large. But unfortunately, we often see nowadays, youths are suffering from bad habits, addictions, insecurity, frustration, depression, directionlessness in life, and even suicidal tendencies.

This is because of lack of training in essential values and purpose of life, that we learn from the timeless knowledge that is coming down in India from the time immemorial. Our culture teaches us to go beyond the external rituals and to seek the spirit in it. That spirit is essentially to love all and to serve all, recognizing that all belong to the same Supreme, irrespective of the externals of caste, creed, color, race and sex.

Our e-forum is a small effort to explore this timeless knowledge and to apply in our life, which will externally manifest as an amazing blend of character and competence. It will help us to come out of all the problems that we have mentioned earlier and take us to a point where we will experience best actualization of our full capacity.

Nonetheless, while being engaged in so many activities to achieve our purpose, like group discussion, skit, presentation, debate, workshop etc, we also learn soft skills such as public speaking, formal interaction, event leadership, etc. These all make us ready for our future to serve more.

Join us!! It will be a lot fun to learn………how to Lead a Meaningful Life.



We give ‘study tips’ seminars and also on topics like ‘Self-
management’ , ‘Time-management’ that help you to mould your life intelligently in such a way that you can easily improve your academics. Also, we will help you to come out of all your wrong habits.

To blend character with competence.
To produce principle centered leaders for our mother India.
To help students give up self-destructive habits and live a life of high ideals.

We have broken our aim into four basic objectives. Those are-

1. Building up true character and bringing out the potential in the individuals like concentration, motivation and self-confidence by application of the timeless wisdom of India in modern day scenario.

2. Developing the competence through training of soft skills, stress management, public speaking and leadership qualities.

3. Saving the youth from self destructive habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, watching pornographies etc. that harms the body and the mind.

4. Providing close interaction with immediate college seniors and alumni for guidance in all walks of life

Yes, you are a perfect candidate for this e-forum, provided you are-

  • Simple and intelligent
  • Eager to know the purpose of life beyond just earning money. 
  • Open to listen and apply timeless knowledge coming down in India.

It will be conducted in few groups, facilitated by seniors of 3rd year and final year in online mode.

Yes, you will receive certificate, after successful completion of the session and after test.

This e-forum has 25 active members among students and 25 among alumni.